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Type 3L F-Clamp

URKO Clamping Systems-Provides the complete clamping solutions from Standard Duty Bar Clamps to “F” Clamps and to their new line of Easyclamps and Universal Clamps - All products are of industrial quality.

No job is too big or too small for Urko Clamps.

Type 3L F-Clamp

This cast iron clamp suitable for both woodworking and light fabrication work
•     Fluted wooden handle
•     Cast iron jaws with swivel jaw pad

Code Size Description Price
UK3L/250 250mm Type 3L F-Clamp 250mm £9.95
UK3L/300 300mm Type 3L F-Clamp 300mm £10.75
UK3L/400 400mm Type 3L F-Clamp 400mm £11.99




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I placed my order for a new woodturning lathe for my husband’s 50th birthday on Monday morning and it was here in my front room on Wednesday afternoon and I haven’t seen my husband since he took it into the garage. Thankyou to all the staff at turner’s tool box for all your help and guidance in helping me give my husband a wonderful birthday present, he has already given me a list of what he wants for Christmas. Thankyou Joan xx
- Joan Davies