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Type 3L F-Clamp

URKO Clamping Systems-Provides the complete clamping solutions from Standard Duty Bar Clamps to “F” Clamps and to their new line of Easyclamps and Universal Clamps - All products are of industrial quality.

No job is too big or too small for Urko Clamps.

Type 3L F-Clamp

This cast iron clamp suitable for both woodworking and light fabrication work
•     Fluted wooden handle
•     Cast iron jaws with swivel jaw pad

Code Size Description Price
UK3L/250 250mm Type 3L F-Clamp 250mm £9.95
UK3L/300 300mm Type 3L F-Clamp 300mm £10.75
UK3L/400 400mm Type 3L F-Clamp 400mm £11.99




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Hi Dave I have ordered a selection of items from you recently and each time you have gone to considerable effort to research MY needs and follow up with a highly informative email prior to my ordering.Plus rapid delivery and quality goods.I look forward to dealing with you soon.Kind regards.Reg
- Reg Unsworth