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Decorating Turned Wood

The Makers Eye

This sumptuous book brings a new dimension to woodturning. Working with native sycamore and beech, rather than strongly coloured exotic timbers, inspired Liz and Michael O’Donnell to explore unusual ways of adding colour and character to their work, and the results of their exploration are presented here.

The book is 276 x 210mm, 160 pages, 197 colour photographs, 30 art works and line drawings

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DTW 160 pages Decorating Turned Wood £15.95




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I already knew this was a really good site from using it last time after looking at a lot of others. The prices and service were great so used it again, and will do next time, without thinking twice. This time _I_ made a mistake with my order which Dave then dispatched so fast that I didn't have time to correct it before it was on the way. He then sorted out _my_ mistake so brilliantly and so fast that it would have been superlative response if it had been his fault, let alone mine. Phenomenal!
- Mike