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2” Velcro Backed Sanding Discs

These high quality 2” Velcro backed sanding discs last longer than most others has they don’t easily clog so they can be easily cleaned making them last longer. They are strong lasting yet supple enough not to leave scratching marks on the finished piece. Suitable to be used, using power sanding techniques i.e. an electrical drill fitted with a sanding pad and they can be used with the Robert Sorby Sandmaster (item No: 410)

Supplied in packs of 25 in grits 80, 100, 120, 150, 180, 240, 320 & 400

Code Size Description Price
V50/825 80-Grit 2”/50mm Sanding Discs-Pack of 25 £7.99
V50/1025 100-Grit 2”/50mm Sanding Discs-Pack of 25 £7.45
V50/1225 120-Grit 2”/50mm Sanding Discs-Pack of 25 £7.45
V50/1525 150-Grit 2”/50mm Sanding Discs-Pack of 25 £6.55
V50/1825 180-Grit 2”/50mm Sanding Discs-Pack of 25 £6.55
V50/2425 240-Grit 2”/50mm Sanding Discs-Pack of 25 £6.55
V50/3225 320-Grit 2”/50mm Sanding Discs-Pack of 25 £6.55
V50/4025 400-Grit 2”/50mm Sanding Discs-Pack of 25 £6.55




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I placed my order for a new woodturning lathe for my husband’s 50th birthday on Monday morning and it was here in my front room on Wednesday afternoon and I haven’t seen my husband since he took it into the garage. Thankyou to all the staff at turner’s tool box for all your help and guidance in helping me give my husband a wonderful birthday present, he has already given me a list of what he wants for Christmas. Thankyou Joan xx
- Joan Davies