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Hermes Webrax Abrasive Sheets

These highly popular Webrax abrasive sheets from Hermes are made up of a non-woven 3 dimensional web of elastic, synthetic fibres on which selected aluminium oxide or silicon carbide grains are firmly bonded by resin. This type of abrasive has many advantages over that of the more traditional abrasive sheets. The Webrax has an open web which is not prone to clogging, with the dust and waste passing straight through this material. It is more flexible and it can be used on all contoured surfaces. With the additional advantages that there is no shredding or deposits left in the work piece that can sometimes happen when using steel wire wool, the Webrax will remove the build up of dust, fine pockets of air bubbles and blemishes, leaving a excellent super fine finish. This product can be used with the Liberon finishing oils and waxes and can be used for both wet and dry applications leaving a very fine finish.

The Hermes Webrax abrasive is available in the following grades and they can be purchased in packs of 5 or individually and in packs containing one of each grade.
800 Grit-1500 Grit & Burnishing grade non-abrasive-(white in colour)

Tip: Use the Burnishing grade non-abrasive Webrax to give that extra smooth finish on your turned work, works exceptional well when turning pens and similar projects

Code Size Description Price
WBXS/800 152 x 229mm Webrax Finishing grade 800 single £1.12
WBXS/1500 152 x 229mm Webrax Finishing grade 1500 single £1.09
WBXS/00 152 x 229mm Webrax Burnishing grade non-abrasive (00) single £1.43
WBX5/800 152 x 229mm Webrax Finishing grade 800 pack of 5 £5.25
WBX5/1500 152 x 229mm Webrax Finishing grade 1500 pack of 5 £5.05
WBX5/00 152 x 229mm Webrax Burnishing grade non-abrasive (00) pack of 5 £7.00
WBXS/MX3 152 x 229mm Webrax 1 of each finishing grade £3.64




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