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Robert Sorby Fingernail Profiler

The Robert Sorby Fingernail Profiler is a simple device which enables the re-creation and sharpening of Fingernail Profile tools.   Once set the Fingernail Profiler ensures an even pressure is applied and hence a clean, facet-less bevel is produced. The amount that the blade extends from the Profiler is critical as this determines the shape of the bevel and its angle. By going back to the same length of extension the same profile is achieved automatically thereby eliminating the burning away of expensive high speed steel. All guess-work is eliminated. Thus the Fingernail Profiler not only gives a consistent shape but saves on the need for replacement tools.
•     For use with all types of bench grinders
•     Fully adjustable Fingernail Profiling jig for grinding angles on spindle and bowl gouges from ¼” to ¾”
•     Designed to produce a range of different Fingernail Profiles with ease
•     Pre-set to replicate medium profile on Robert Sorby Fingernail Profile gouges

Code Size Description Price
445 ------ Fingernail Profiler £61.99




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Spent some time on the phone chatting about what I waS looking for (colt forcner bit) absolutely lovely fella,salt of the earth,and very informed and knowledgeable yet honest and fair.Thank you,my best wishes to you,know where to come back too.......
- kate woolridge (retired paramedic)