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HSS Lip & Spur Drill Bits

Use these HSS lip & spur drill bits to drill a clean and accurate hole through the pen blank prior to inserting the brass pen tube

Code Size Description Price
LS/HSS7 7mm HSS Lip & Spur Drill Bit-7mm £1.38
LS/HSS9 9mm HSS Lip & Spur Drill Bit-9mm £2.70
LS/HSS10 10mm HSS Lip & Spur Drill Bit-10mm £2.76
LS/HSS12 12mm HSS Lip & Spur Drill Bit-12mm £3.78
LS/HSS13 13mm HSS Lip & Spur Drill Bit-13 £4.26
LS/HSS7 7mm-Pk of 5 HSS Lip & Spur Drill Bit-7mm Pack of 5 £6.90
TDHSS85 8.5mm HSS Lip & Spur Drill Bit-8.5mm £2.25
LS/HSS8 8mm HSS Lip & Spur Drill Bit-8mm £1.69




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congratulations these are a copy of the Original Nova Chuck first developed and produced in New Zealand and a vast imporvement over the old Henry taylor type chuck system.
- Laurie Bennett