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Steb Drive

The Steb Drive - Eliminates the need to remove the chuck when you wish to turn between centres. The Steb Drive simply fits neatly into most four-jaw woodturning chucks, it has a positive and secure location utilising the flats of the spigot. This revolutionary Steb Drive as per the original Stebcentre combine a spring loaded centre point with a ring of razor sharp teeth. By winding in the tail stock the amount of “bite” can be adjusted while still keeping the centre point firmly located. This offers you many advantages. Such as with a light setting this offers safety for the novice turner because the work piece simply stops revolving should a dig-in occur, rather than causing kick back. and with production work, the teeth can be backed off with the point remaining in place, so the work piece can be stopped and inspected without the need to remove it from the lathe, and finished pieces can be replaced with new turning blanks without having to remove it from the lathe.

Code Size Description Price
STBCHUCK13 ½” Steb Drive £35.69
STBCHUCK 7/8” Steb Drive £35.69
STBCHUCK32 1 ¼” Steb Drive £39.99




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