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Colour – Dyes

NAME:Palette Wood Dye

Liberon Palette Wood Dye is a water-based dye blended with acrylic resins which minimise grain rising. Designed for colouring bare wood, it penetrates slowly allowing you to control the amount of colour and to ensure an even coverage on the wood
•     Brings out the grain of the wood
•     Suitable for use on all softwoods and most hard woods
•     Odourless
•     Dyes can be intermixed
•     EN71 Part 3 Approved-Safe to use on children’s toys
•     The container shows instructions on how to use

Code Size Description Price
014309 250ml Palette Wood Dye-Ebony £5.60
014339 250ml Palette Wood Dye-Georgian Mahogany £5.60
014340 250ml Palette Wood Dye-Victorian Mahogany £5.60
014331 250ml Palette Wood Dye-Light Oak £5.60
014337 250ml Palette Wood Dye-Medium Oak £5.60
014338 250ml Palette Wood Dye-Dark Oak £5.60
014308 250ml Palette Wood Dye-Tudor Oak £5.60
014333 250ml Palette Wood Dye-Antique Pine £5.60
014332 250ml Palette Wood Dye-Golden Pine £5.60
014335 250ml Palette Wood Dye-Teak £5.60
014334 250ml Palette Wood Dye-Walnut £5.60
014336 250ml Palette Wood Dye-Yew £5.60
014310 250ml Palette Wood Dye-White £5.60

NAME:Spirit Wood Dye

The Liberon Spirit Wood Dye is used for colouring dense hardwoods such as mahogany and oak
•     Ideal for colouring previously finished woods, i.e. for antique restoration work
•     Easy to apply
•     All colours can be intermixed

Code Size Description Price
014424 250ml Spirit Wood Dye-Ebony £5.50
014433 250ml Spirit Wood Dye-Georgian Mahogany £5.60
014434 250ml Spirit Wood Dye-Victorian Mahogany £5.60
014425 250ml Spirit Wood Dye-Light Oak £5.60
014431 250ml Spirit Wood Dye-Medium Oak £5.60
014432 250ml Spirit Wood Dye-Dark Oak £5.60
014423 250ml Spirit Wood Dye-Tudor Oak £5.60
014427 250ml Spirit Wood Dye-Antique Pine £5.60
014426 250ml Spirit Wood Dye-Golden Pine £5.60
014429 250ml Spirit Wood Dye-Teak £5.60
014428 250ml Spirit Wood Dye-Walnut £5.60
014430 250ml Spirit Wood Dye-Yew £5.60

NAME:Chestnut Products-Spirit Stains

By popular demand the Chestnut Products Spirit Stains are now available in a handy trail size bottle. Each pack contains one 25ml bottle of Spirit Stain of each of either the Wood Colours or Rainbow Colours, plus which can be used to try and test the colour or for use as a mixer to make new colours or for use as a wash. The trail size bottles are ideal for use when mixing with Cellulose Sanding Sealer and Melamine Lacquer to make tinted finishes. See the examples shown in the picture below. These Spirit Stains are quick drying and are a fade resistant stain with superb non-grain-raising properties.

Chestnut Products-Spirit Stain Samplers Packs:

Wood Colours pack contains 12 x 25ml trail size bottles:
Antique Mahogany, Antique Pine, Brown Mahogany, Dark Jacobean, English Walnut, Golden Oak, Light Mahogany, Mid Oak, Red Mahogany, Rosewood, Teak and Yew

Rainbow Colours pack contains 9 x 25ml trail size bottles:
Black, Blue, Green, Orange, Purple, Red, Royal Blue, Yellow and White

Code Size Description Price
SSWC 25ml Pk/12 Spirit Stain Samplers-Wood Colours £13.25
SSRC 25ml Pk/9 Spirit Stain Samplers-Rainbow Colours £13.25




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