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Craft Making Projects

NAME:Velvet Gift Bags – Set of 3

It's always nice to give and receive handmade gifts and for pens we have quite a range of presentation boxes or bags for that finishing touch. With some of our kits, like the bottle stoppers or items of jewellery, it is hard to find a suitable box or case to present them in. With this in mind, we now offer a set of three drawstring velvet gift bags in red, blue and black which are excellent for those gifts and items like iPods, mobile phones and small cameras which are not always easy to accommodate. Size approximate 160 x 100mm and in 3 different colours

Code Size Description Price
502542 160 x 100mm Velvet Gift Bags – Set of 3 £2.40
502510 160 x 100mm Velvet Gift Bags – Set of 3 x 10 £20.00

NAME:Ready Reckoner Calendar's

These solid brass ready reckoner calendars will give the day of the week for any month and year for either 40 or 100 years in the future. They can be mounted onto a wood or ceramic base to make an attractive and interesting gift. The 40-year version is 63mm diameter and the 100-year is 90mm.

Key Features
•     Day and date indication for years ahead
•     Attractive polished brass finish,
•     40 year calendar – 63mm diameter
•     100 year calendar – 90mm diameter
•     Can be mounted on wooden or ceramic base
•     40 or 100 year versions available

Code Size Description Price
202154 40 Years Ready Reckoner Calendar - 40 Years £3.99
202155 100 Years Ready Reckoner Calendar - 100 Years £5.96

NAME:Traditional Pepper Mill – Project kit

This makes a very popular and traditional gift or for sale at the craft fairs and car boot sales, the pepper mill is finished with an antiqued dark brown lacquer and using black nylon bevel type gears. Easy to finish project by turning or making a hollow box base in your own design, which the pepper mill can be securely fixed by the screws   

The unfinished pepper mill as shown in the picture measures approximately 11cm (4 ½”) high with the handle down and approximately 5cm (2”) wide at the base of the pepper mill

Code Size Description Price
800292 Traditional Pepper Mill – Project kit £8.25

NAME:Glass Oil Lights (Set of 4)

These hand blown oil burner sets will look great on any mantelpiece, dining table or patio. The set consists of four lamps plus four funnels for filling are also included in the set with many options for display. Why not make your very own exciting creations using the many different types of timber or other materials that are easily available today. Approximate hole size of 1.1/2" (38mm) is required. We recommend the use of a good quality low odour lamp oil for these burners. The glass oil lights set are supplied boxed complete with instructions.

Tip: We also recommend either the Sawtooth Forstner Bit 1 1/2" (38.1mm) code STC1.12 or the Robert Sorby 829H – Box Scraper ¾” which are the ideal tools to remove and create the hole to take the glass oil pot, the external shape of the oil pot holder and the material you use is left to your own imagination

The finished oil burner makes an ideal gift or they can be sold at the craft fair / car boot sale and sold either in sets or individually. The picture below shows the glass oil lights set with the wicks fitted, including the funnels and some examples of what you can achieve using the glass oil lights set.

Code Size Description Price
502991 Set of 4 Glass Oil Lights (Set of 4) £9.99
STC1.12 1 ½” Sawtooth Forstner Bit 1 1/2" (38.1mm) £14.99
829H ¾” Box Scraper ¾” (19mm) (Robert Sorby) £35.45

NAME:Light Pull Kits

A simple kit consisting of a 7mm diameter brass tube with a decorative stud at one end and a top entry hole fitting for a cord at the other, the top can be unscrewed which allows the cord to be inserted and knotted within the fitting. This is a great way of using up your off cuts from pen turning projects and those otherwise discarded odd pieces of timber and acrylic pieces to produce some unusual and decorative designs for light pulls and blind pulls. We have many different coloured and patterned acrylic and polyester type pen blanks listed in our pen turning section from which you could chose from if you are looking for something different. The light pull kits are supplied with either a gold or chrome finish and measure approximately 53mm in length when assembled. These kits are the ideal solution for using up your otherwise waste materials and sell well at the craft fairs and car boot sales   

Code Size Description Price
503515 7mm Light Pull Kit Gold Plated £1.19
503516 7mm Light Pull Kit Chrome £1.19

NAME:Pewter Pot Pourri Lids

A classic accessory for any woodturner, pewter pot pourri lids come in many varied designs and qualities. Here we have listed a selection of very good quality pewter pot pourri lids and at a very good value for money price. Please note that the pewter lids are perforated and therefore the wood will be visible through the pattern. These make a nice gift and can be placed almost anywhere in the home or office and placed in places such as the hall way for when you walk in to the house and you are greeted with a nice pleasant smell and of course near the toilet, providing a visibly attractive objective with a good functional use.

Approximately 75 - 80mm in diameter: we have 8 different designs:
PLR/1 – Rose, PLP/2 – Poppy, PLH/3 – Hummingbird, PLFB/4 – Flower Basket, PLB/5 – Butterfly, PLD/6 – Daises, PLBB/7 – Bird & Bow and PLG/8 – Grapevine.

Code Size Description Price
PLR/1 75mm Pewter Pot Pourri Lid – Rose £1.99
PLP/2 75mm Pewter Pot Pourri Lid – Poppy £1.99
PLH/3 75mm Pewter Pot Pourri Lid – Hummingbird £1.99
PLFB/4 75mm Pewter Pot Pourri Lid – Flower Basket £1.99
PLB/5 75mm Pewter Pot Pourri Lid – Butterfly £1.99
PLD/6 75mm Pewter Pot Pourri Lid – Daises £1.99
PLBB/7 75mm Pewter Pot Pourri Lid – Bird & Bow £1.99
PLG/8 75mm Pewter Pot Pourri Lid – Grapevine £1.99

NAME:Gold Plated Paper Clip

Another way of using up those off cuts that normally end up in the burn bin, these gold effect stile paper clips with a screw fixing with a turned material of your choice, the paper clips can be used in the office and they also make good name place card holders which can be placed around the table just so everyone knows where to sit (just an example), wedding receptions, office board meetings and so on. The picture shows an example of what you could turn; the paper clip measures approximately 100mm, the timber shown is purchased separately

Code Size Description Price
202157 100mm apprx Gold Plated Paper Clip £1.68

NAME:Gold / Silver Plated Fruit Stalk and Leaf

Attractive silver and gold effect metal fruit leaf and stalk for inserting into your turned fruit. The stalk simply glues into a 3mm aperture and the leaf measures approximately 35mm long x 15mm wide. The picture shows how the fruit stalk and leaf helps to enhance the turned fruit, the timber shown is purchased separately

Code Size Description Price
202153 ------ Gold Plated Fruit Stalk and Leaf £1.15
202174 ------ Silver Plated Fruit Stalk and Leaf £1.15

NAME:Wine Bottle Stopper Kit

This 3 piece kit enables you to produce a wide variation of different designs of wine bottle stopper using your favourite timber or alternative materials. Let your imagination run wild! The picture shows an example of the finished bottle topper, the timber shown is purchased separately

Code Size Description Price
700319 ------ Wine Bottle Stopper Kit £2.70

NAME:White Marble Tile

This white marble tile has a rounded edge, which can be used to enhance a whole range of turned and other projects, they can also be used on their own, you could attach a piece of the crushed velvet roll to the underside and use the marble as coasters, ideal to protect the coffee table and other work tops. The marble tile measures approximately 100mm in diameter and other sizes are available on request (Please note that the pattern on the marble tile show may be different from tile to tile)

Code Size Description Price
500356 100mm Marble Tile - White 100mm £2.70

NAME:Table / Standard Lamp Electrical Fittings

A favourite project is to turn a functional table or standard lamp at the lathe, a lamp that can sit proud of place in any room. Here we have the individual items that you may need to turn and construct a table / standard lamp. Chose between a traditional brass effect finish and the clean white finish

a)     Electrical three core brass coloured flex. Sold by 1 metre lengths
b)     Brass lamp holder for table and standard lamps
c)     Brass mounting plate, for use in making table and standard lamps
d)     Brass nipple, for use in making table and standard lamps
e)     Cord clamp for use in the making of table and standard lamps
f)     White lamp holder for table and standard lamps
g)     Standard white 13A plug
h)     Electrical twin core white flex. Sold by 1 metre lengths

Code Size Description Price
341095 1mtr a) Electrical three core brass coloured flex £1.44
340916 ------ b) Brass lamp holder for table lamp £4.36
341007 ------ c) Brass mounting plate £0.96
610303 ------ d) Brass nipple £0.43
400308 ------ e) Cord clamp £0.41
910386 ------ f) White lamp holder £1.38
800357 ------ g) Standard white 13A plug £1.66
910164 1mtr h) Electrical twin core white flex £0.65

NAME:Salt & Pepper Mill Kits

No-nonsense mills at the sort of price that makes them a good craft fair project. Although sold separately, who ever heard of a meal without both salt and pepper? Matched pairs are a much better idea. The salt & pepper mill mechanisms will produce a finished height of 175mm (7"). We can supply larger sizes, which are available on request

The picture shows an example of the finished salt & pepper mills. The Banksia nut and the different timbers are sold separately

Code Size Description Price
300275 175mm (7") Salt Mill Mechanism – 175mm – Project Kit £1.82
300272 175mm (7") Pepper Mill Mechanism – 175mm – Project Kit £3.85
300277 175mm (7") Salt & Pepper Mechanisms Set – 175mm – Project Kit (1 of each) £4.99

NAME:MaxiCut® RotaStop® Peppermill Boring Kit

Complete MaxiCut® RotaStop® Boring Kit for Salt and Peppermills

Boring pepper mills and drilling through the hardest of woods is fast and easy with Colt® MaxiCut® Forstner bits. These premium HSS bits feature a patented cutter head design that cuts up to 6 times faster than conventional forstner bits while lasting many times longer. In addition, MaxiCut® Forstner bits feature a patented RotaStop® quick release shank design that locks positively into standard drill chucks in addition to RotaStop® extension shanks and RotaStop® morse taper adapters. To release, grip one section with a set of pliers and twist the other section a 1/4 turn and you’re done. It’s that easy.

•     Probably the best system in the world for boring out peppermills
•     Cutting head cuts equally well on side and end grain timbers
•     Chip breakers remove chips and reduce heat build up
•     Cuts hard woods with ease and can be re-sharpened
•     Lasts several times longer than other forstner bits
•     Morse taper adapters available for mounting in headstock/tailstock
•     Maxi Cut® Bits are compatible only with Maxi Cut® extenders and adapters

Kit contains one each: 1 1/16" (27mm) MaxiCut® RotaStop® Forstner Bit, 6"/150mm RotaStop® Extension, No. 2 Morse Taper Adapter with RotaStop®

Code Size Description Price
10800134 1 1/16" - 27mm Maxi Cut Rota Stop Pepper Mill Kit (3-Piece Set) £71.98

NAME:Ships Wheel – Nut Cracker in Solid Brass

Made from solid brass this nut cracker made in the shape of a ships wheel will make short work of cracking open the different types of nuts including the hardened shells of the Brazilian nut, by turning the wheel the vice clamps down and cracks open the nut without damaging the inner contents of the nut. An interesting project to make, either turn a bowl with a centre piece to fit the ships wheel nut cracker or turn a simple base on which to mount the ships wheel nut cracker, either way produces an elegant and interesting centre piece for any table. Makes an ideal gift, which is very popular especially around Christmas time

Made from solid brass in the shape of a ships wheel, measurements: Height from the base to the top of the wheel: 10.5cm and the diameter of the ships wheel: 9.5cm dia, the vice when fully open gives a gap of 3.5cm, closing down to approximately a 1cm gap. The ships wheel nut cracker is supplied with a threaded bolt which can be used to fix and hold the nut cracker securely in place

Bowl turning blank and nuts shown in the picture are purchased separately

Code Size Description Price
NC02 ------ Ship Wheel – Nut Cracker in Solid Brass £19.95

NAME:Lazy Susan Bearings

It seems one of the most intriguing and fun items that a turner can make, is a Lazy Susan. Essentially two pieces of decorative wood turned and joined by a bearing sandwiched between them, allowing the top disc to revolve relative to the lower one. Made by Triangle manufacturing from America, these Lazy Susan bearings can be use for many different projects. They come in five sizes and two shapes, the larger bearings being round and the smaller square.

Key Features
•     Lazy Susan’s - two pieces of decorative wood turned and joined by a bearing
•     Available in five sizes and two shapes
•     75, 100 & 150mm - square
•     225 & 300mm - round

Code Size Description Price
844075 75mm Lazy Susan Bearings - 75mm £1.75
844100 100mm Lazy Susan Bearings - 100mm £2.15
844150 150mm Lazy Susan Bearings - 150mm £3.46
844225 225mm Lazy Susan Bearings - 225mm £6.25
844300 300mm Lazy Susan Bearings - 300mm £10.50

NAME:Desk Calculator

This is a desk calculator which is solar powered and measures 70mm in diameter and black in colour, it can be used by turning either a simple round base or a more elaborate desk top piece such as the one shown in the picture where the calculator is used with a nice coloured and figured turned burr. Making an ideal gift or something reasonably priced to sell at the local craft fair or show

Pictures shown are examples of what you could make, the actual colour of the calculator is normally black with the on and off buttons being a light teal colour, the functions are that of a standard calculator: 0 to 9, %, Mr/c, M+,M-, +, -, x, .sqr root = in white on black raised buttons

Code Size Description Price
DC50 70mm Desk Calculator £3.95

NAME:Woodcut Mill Drill – Crush Grind Salt & Pepper Mechanisms

The Woodcut MillDrill™ was designed to make the production of pepper grinders that utilise the CrushGrind® mechanism, easier and quicker. However it is a versatile tool and with some adjustment to the cutters it can be used to drill out a variety of different hole sizes

The Woodcut MillDrill™ incorporates a No2 Morse Taper so it will fit into the tail stock of most lathes; this means the drilling process can be done on a lathe.

The Woodcut MillDrill™ has been pre-sharpened ready for immediate use; the cutters can be sharpened again when the cutters become dull or blunt. How regularly you sharpen the cutters will depend on the timber being used. A diamond lap stone can be used for keeping the edge on the cutters as and when required

Additional Information:
The Woodcut MillDrill™ has the added feature of being able to act as a chuck for drill bits with a 10mm shank. Many forstner bits, for example have reduced shanks that measure 10mm and these can be inserted into the front of the Woodcut MillDrill™. Before doing so the front cutter needs to be removed and then, with the drill bit inserted in the front hole, the two grub screws can be tightened.

The Woodcut MillDrill™ comes complete with the cutters fitted a Allen key and instruction sheets showing how to prepare and use the Woodcut MillDrill™. The Crush Grind salt and pepper mechanisms are supplied in three sizes which are brought separately, for sharpening of the cutters see our Sharpening section in the Tool Shop drop down menu

Code Size Description Price
504464 ------ Woodcut Mill Drill £68.99
952586 ------ CrushGrind (Shaftless) £8.15
952587 195mm CrushGrind Shaft 195mm £9.15
102485 297mm Crushgrind Shaft 284mm £10.15
504509 135mm CrushGrind Shaft 135mm £9.15

NAME:Gold Faced Watch Inserts

High quality Gold rimmed 36mm insertion watch faces with a Silver dial and black hands and Roman numerals. These watch insert are supplied with battery and a rubber fixing band to fit apertures of approximately 32mm

Key Features
•     Silver face with Roman numerals
•     Supplied with battery and a rubber fixing band
•     Fits apertures of approximately 32mm

Code Size Description Price
700315 35mm Gold Faced 35mm Watch Insert £4.25




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