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New Pen Turning Kits

NAME:Empress Pen Turning Kits

The Empress Pen kits feature some exquisite detailing and offer terrific value when compared with similar pens available. A Swarovski crystal is inset into the pocket clip and attractive Asian style 14ct gold plated bands encircle each end and the centre of the pens. Rollerball and fountain pen kit versions are available, the latter complete, which has a gold and rhodium plated nib of high quality.

In addition to your pen turning tools you will also require the following to aid in turning these pens of elegance: Bushing set 951820 – Drill bit sizes required are 11/32" and 15mm – The pen turning blank should be approximately 20 x 125 or larger

By using the pen mandrel (code: PM1 / PM2) and the correct bushing set (code: 951820) for the pen you are turning makes the process much easier, the bushing set apart from holding the pen turning blank securely onto the pen mandrel, it also provides a guide when turning the pen blank down to the correct diameter

Tip: These pens look extremely exquisite when turned with any of our acrylic pen turning blanks

Code Size Description Price
951809 ------ Empress Fountain Pen Kit £8.99
951810 ------ Empress Roller Ball Pen Kit £8.80
951820 ------ Empress Bushing Set £1.65

NAME:Artisan Click Pencil Kits

The 10ct Click Pencil is of high quality and has a click type mechanism which uses a plunger on the top which, when pushed, extends the tip and advances the lead. There is an 'A' logo on the clip of the 10ct version.

The 24ct alternative uses the same style of mechanism and is gold plated with an epoxy coating which gives some additional protection. This Kit is not quite as classy as the 10ct Artisan model but offers excellent value. Both pencils take a lead of 0.5mm and require a 7mm drill.

Tip: Make up a pen and pencil set by combining the click pencil with one of our 7mm twist top pen kits and displaying the set in a suitable pen case such as the Artisan double pen box code: 310495

Code Size Description Price
340077 ------ Artisan 10ct Click Pencil Kit £7.20
310493 ------ Artisan 24ct Click Pencil Kit £6.95

NAME:Artisan Twist Pen Kits

The 10ct Twist Pen requires only half a turn to advance the mechanism, at the same time locking the mechanism in place so that the refill will not retract during use. A heavy, solid brass break resistant clip, plated with 10ct gold plate makes the pen more attractive. Each pen kit includes a tungsten carbide tipped refill to provide smooth, trouble-free writing.

The 24ct Twist Pen is gold plated and epoxy coated to give some additional protection to the plating.

Tip: Make up a pen and pencil set by combining the pen kit with one of our click pencil kits and displaying the set in a suitable pen case such as the Artisan double pen box code: 310495

Requires 7mm drill.
Pen refills available in a Black or Blue ink

Code Size Description Price
340075 ------ Artisan 10ct Twist Pen Kit £5.26
310490 ------ Artisan 24ct Twist Pen Kit £3.90

NAME:Magnifier Glass Kit

This magnifying glass kit as a heavy brass bezel housing a high quality X 2 precision ground glass lens. A good fastening assembly for mounting the handle to the bezel ring assures that it will always stay together and provide years of service. Select a piece of figured wood for the handle, turn it to your design, assemble the parts and you have a magnifying glass superior to most others available.

This project is best turned between centres with a dead centre driving or a wooden drive in a chuck and a revolving tail centre.

Tip: The finished magnifying glass provides an ideal gift on its own or you could make up a desk top writing gift by combining the magnifying glass with any of our pens, click pencils and letter opener kits

Code Size Description Price
700248 ------ Magnifier Glass Kit £8.26

NAME:Letter Opener Kit

A low cost letter opener, excellent for gift or craft shows. It is a useful item for most people and will display the skill and creativity of the woodturner. This kit requires a 7mm drill bit.

Tip: The finished letter opener provides an ideal gift on its own or you could make up a desk top writing gift by combining the letter opener with our magnifying glass and any of our pens and click pencils

Code Size Description Price
410298 ------ Letter Opener Kit £6.60

NAME:Slimline Twist Pen Kits

An easy pen to turn this attractive slimline pen has proven very popular at craft fairs and also makes an attractive little pen to give as a gift, (presented in one of our velvet pen sleeves, code: 210095)

The slimline twist pens are available in either gold plated or silver finish the pens feature a four ring central band of larger diameter than the end fittings giving a pleasing shape and feel to the finished pen.

Requires a 7mm drill bit (code: 702554) and the bushing set code: 953311

Tip: These pen kits turn exceptionally well with any of our acrylic pen turning blanks

Code Size Description Price
951814 7mm Gold Plated Slimline Pen Kit £2.20
951815 7mm Silver Plated Slimline Pen Kit £2.20
953311 ------ Bushing Set for Slimline Pen Kits £5.45
702554 7mm Colt HSS-M2 150mm Pen Drill Bit - 7mm £7.40

NAME:Sierra Pen Kits

A very attractive pen, the Sierra pen kits offer excellent value using high quality components. The weight and balance are superb and this pen should prove really popular at craft fairs or would make a great gift. The one piece design is fast and simple to make. Choose one of our many acrylic, polyester or timber pen blanks to produce a writing instrument of distinction. Choose between gold or chrome finishes. A 10.5mm drill bit is required (code: 610203) and when using a pen mandrel to make these pens, we recommend that you use the Sierra pen kit bushing set (code: 953310).

The use of a pen mandrel with the correct bushing set makes pen making and turning project kits an easier process. Simply use the bushings on the mandrel as a reference to turn your blanks down to the correct diameter.

Code Size Description Price
951812 ------ Sierra Gold Plated Pen Kit £4.55
502680 ------ Sierra Pen Kit Chrome £4.55
953310 ------ Sierra Pen Kit – Bushing Set £4.75
610203 10.5mm Ground HSS Drill Bit £4.95

NAME:Ball Point Pen with Chrome Cap

This great pen features a chrome plated clip top with a single tube construction. An easy to make giving a classy looking writing implements, you will require an 8mm drill (LS/HSS8) and when using a pen mandrel to make these pens, we recommend the Bushing Set (701604). Refills are available order 340240.

Code Size Description Price
600748 ------ Ball Point Pen with Chrome Cap £5.25
701604 ------ Bushing Set for Ball Point Pen with Chrome Cap £2.99

NAME:Purse Pen

This is a really small pen better known as a purse pen, which makes it an ideal pen / gift for the ladies as it will fit neatly into a ladies purse. This tiny pen measures when finished approximately 4 ¾” long with 24kt gold plating on the parts that make up the pen, can be turned either with one of our extensive range of colourful acrylic or wooden pen turning blanks. Making a luxurious looking pen

We recommend that you use the bushing set for the Purse pen (code: BUSH13) and the Colt pen drill bit 9.5mm (3/8”) (code: 10150038) and to finish apply either the Hut Ultra Gloss Plastic Polish when turning the acrylic pen blanks or the Hut Crystal Coat – Liquid Polish when turning the wooden pen blanks

(Please note that the purse shown in the picture is not included)

Code Size Description Price
PURP 4 ľ” Purse Pen £4.25
BUSH13 ------ Bushing set for Purse pen kit £3.99

NAME:Stylus Pen Kits

A smart effective looking 7mm twist pen kit which incorporates the Stylus pen top for use with most touch screen devices, a duel purpose twist top pen with locking mechanism and an attractive Gold ball end pocket clip and Gold centre band and works well with the acrylic, wooden and other similar pen turning blanks. Sold individually or in packs of 5, larger quantities can be supplied with additional discounts, call or email our office for further information

This is an easy pen to turn using the 7mm pen mandrel and requires a 7mm drill bit

We recommend the Colt HSS-M2 150mm Pen Drill Bits – 7mm

Code Size Description Price
PGTS1/5 7mm Pk of 5 Premium 7mm Gold Twist Stylus Pen Kit – Pack of 5 £12.10
PGTS1 7mm x 1 Premium 7mm Gold Twist Stylus Pen Kit x 1 £2.44




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