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Pen Cases/Pouches

NAME:Velvet Draw String Pen Pouches

This is a pack of three soft velvet pouches each with a pull draw string in three different bright colours and are ideally suited to complement any of the pens listed on our website. Each pack contains three different coloured pouches, Ruby Red, Royal Blue and Black velvet

Used to complement your turned pens making an ideal gift or for display when selling your pens at craft fairs and shows

Code Size Description Price
PK3/VP Pack of 3 Velvet Draw String Pen Pouches (3 pk) £1.85

NAME:Pk of 12 Velvet Pen Sleeves

A pack of 12 black velvet pen sleeves to present your pens in, also to help keep your pens in perfect condition, they make an ideal gift pouch at a great price.

Code Size Description Price
210095 Pk of 12 Pk of 12 Velvet Pen Sleeves £3.00

NAME:Maple and Bubinga – Single Pen Box

An attractive single pen box / case, the body is made from maple with Bubinga ends. To complement your finished pen projects

Code Size Description Price
340394 Single Maple and Bubinga – Single Pen Box £3.75

NAME:High Quality Black Leather Pen Case

This high quality black leather pen case is designed to hold a single pen, giving that special feel of the more expensive real leather pen case, at the same time the protective interior will help to protect the pen. This pen case will only help to enhance your finished pen, making it an ideal choice to compliment your more expensive style pens

Supplied individually or as a pack of 2, each pen case measures approximately 145 x 20 x 35mm

Code Size Description Price
210094 145x20x35mm Black Leatherette Pen Case x 1 £5.45
210002 145x20x35mm Black Leatherette Pen Case x 2 £10.10

NAME:Wooden Pen Case

Designed as a single pen case to take a single pen or pencil and a double pen case to take a set of two pens or a pen and pencil set. These pen cases are constructed from either Maple or Rose Wood, a simple yet effective wooden pen case that will help to enhance and promote your pens and pencils on display at the local craft fairs, craft shops and shows.

Code Size Description Price
SWPM01 Single Single Wooden Pen Case – Birch / Maple £3.55
SWPR01 Single Single Wooden Pen Case – Rose Wood £3.55
DWPM01 Double Double Wooden Pen Case – Birch / Maple £4.25
DWPR01 Double Double Wooden Pen Case – Rose Wood £4.25

NAME:Artisan Black Velvet Double Pen Box

Attractive black double pen velvet case to complement your finished pen projects, ideal when making up a pen set such as the Artisan click pencil with the Artisan 10 or 24 ct pen kits

Code Size Description Price
310495 Double Artisan Pen Box Double - Black Velvet £2.15

NAME:30 Piece Pen Case

Leather effect finish 360 x 182mm (14.1/4" x 7.3/4") 'attaché' case for the displaying and transportation of your finished pens keeping them safe and when opened it provides a means of displaying your pens. Fitted with sturdy metal fittings and velvet effect lined slots the pens are secured in place by an elasticated cord.

Code Size Description Price
700274 360 x 182mm 30 Piece Pen Case £12.25

NAME:Premium White Leatherette Gift / Pen Box

These elegant gift boxes feature leatherette materials that are stitched along all exterior edges with a rich soft touch covering, the interior is lined with a suede-like fabric, measuring 6-1/4" x 2" x 1/2" high. Making these gift boxes the perfect solution for enhancing and presenting your more prestige pen sets

Can be purchased individually or in packs of 5 and packs of 10:

Code Size Description Price
BOX-W 6-1/4"x2"x1/2" Premium White Leatherette Pen Box £6.90
BOX-W/5 Pack of 5 Premium White Leatherette Pen Box – Special Offer Buy 5 @ £6.45 each £32.25
BOX-W/10 Pack of 10 Premium White Leatherette Pen Box – Special Offer Buy 10 @ £6.15 each £61.50

NAME:Walnut Wood – Double Pen Case

Enhance the look of your finished pens and pencils by presenting them in one of our new walnut wooden pen cases

Now only available in single pen cases only, the double pen cases are no longer available.

The picture shown is to show the quality and the type of colour of the Walnut pen cases

Code Size Description Price
WPB01 Single Walnut Wood – Single Pen Case x 1 £4.15
WPB01/4 Single Walnut Wood – Single Pen Case x 4 £16.00

NAME:Multi Purpose Wooden Gift / Pen Box

These beautiful hardwood boxes include two separate inserts giving you the option of using the box / case for either a single or a double pen set. Just remove the insert and you have a useful night table accessory. These hardwood boxes can be decorated including laser engraving.

Supplied in either a Red Wood or Maple Wood Finish, each with two separate removable inserts – Overall size 2-1/2" x 6-3/4", Inside 2-1/4" x 6"

Picture shows the Redwood and Maple Wood Gift / Pen Box with the Bolt Action Pen inside (Bolt Action pen not included)

Code Size Description Price
PKBOXMPR ------ Multi Purpose Red Wood Gift / Pen Box £9.95
PKBOXMPM ------ Multi Purpose Maple Gift / Pen Box £8.95
PKBRAMWF ------ 1 of each Multi Purpose Red Wood and Maple Gift / Pen Boxes £17.01

NAME:Black Velvet Bag

Ideal for enhancing the look and feel of the smaller projects or just for keeping those special little things safe and tidy, such as a pocket watch, silver bracelets or a small mirror just a few examples. Each black velvet bag has a matching cord drawstring and is approximately 4” wide x 5” tall (100mm x 128mm)

Code Size Description Price
VBB 4 Black Velvet Bag £2.60

NAME:Carbon Pen Case

This elegant and smart looking pen box / case is made with a two – tone carbon fibre pattern material, with a white satin interior giving that high – end look and feel. It measures (exterior) 18cm x 3.5cm x 7cm

Code Size Description Price
ACPB ------ Carbon Pen Case £4.25

NAME:Sliding Maple Pen Case

A sliding pen case made from maple, a simple yet an effected looking designed pen case, providing a secure case to hold your finished pens, the maple case simply slides apart. Available in either a single or double design style, these pen cases will accommodate most pens including the Baron Pen Kits.

Code Size Description Price
BOX15S ------ Single Sliding Maple Pen Case £4.50
BOX15D ------ Double Sliding Maple Pen Case £4.50




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- Paul Williams