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Axcaliber Dry Lubricant – 400ml Aerosol Spray

Apart from your lathe your woodturning chuck and its accessories are probably the most expensive items in your woodturning tool box. Just like your woodturning tools which will require cleaning and sharpening to keep them in a tip top condition, your chuck requires the same amount of attention, you should always check your chuck to ensure that it is safe to use, before and after each time you use your chuck.

After cleaning and checking the chuck ensuring that the jaw slides are fitted correctly and they open and close easily using the chuck key and after the jaws are fitted, ensure that each of the mounting screws are properly fitted and the jaws meet together when closed. If you are unsure then you should always read and use the instructions as laid out in the woodturning chucks manual / instruction leaflet that came with the chuck

By using the Axcaliber Dry Lubricant this will help to maintain the chuck in a good condition. The lubricant as been formulated to minimise wear and reduce corrosion on the chuck and its moving parts, it is a dry PTFE based lubricating film, which is unaffected by water, oil or solvents and will not attract dust.

The Axcaliber Dry Lubricant is supplied in a 400ml aerosol spray can

Code Size Description Price
503468 400ml Axcaliber Dry Lubricant – 400ml Aerosol Spray £8.25




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Received your package today with the beautiful quality wooden rule - and so well packed thank you. I appreciate your time and the rule, although a small gift, will be a tool for life in our friends toolbox - from Turners! Wishing you all the best and happy holidays. Thank you again
- Cara