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Nobex Proman Mitre Saw

Renowned throughout the world for their quality and accuracy, Nobex mitre saws have become the standard by which others are judged. The Proman is a good general purpose saw with applications in wood and metal working and, in particular, picture framing. Features include pre-set popular angles and location grooves on the table surface for cutting compound angles, a fast-action work clamp which operates on angled as well as straight surfaces, a length stop and a clip to hold the saw clear of the table whilst the work is positioned.

Key Features:
•     General purpose saw for wood and metal applications
•     Indexable mitre angle setting
•     Grooves on table surface for cutting compound angles
•     Fast-action work clamp
•     Repeat length stop
•     Supplied with cord type picture frame clamp

Specification for Nobex Proman Mitre Saw:
•     Blade Length – 565mm (22 1/4")
•     Blade Width – 40mm
•     Max Cutting Height – 110mm (4 3/8")
•     Model – Proman
•     Table Size – 350 x 74mm

A cord type picture frame clamp and an 18tpi blade are also included. Made in Sweden

Code Size Description Price
800383 ------ Nobex Proman Mitre Saw £82.99
610305 565mm x 12tpi Nobex Fast Wood Cut Blade for Proman Mitre Saw £11.25
610304 565mm x 18tpi Nobex Wood/Plastic/Plaster Blade for Proman Mitre Saw £11.25
610307 565mm x 32tpi Nobex Non-Ferrous Blade for Proman Mitre Saw £11.25
610306 565mm x 24tpi Nobex Picture Framing Blade for Proman Mitre Saw £11.25




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Very prompt and efficient service and good price. Thank you.
- Guye Roberts