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Alcolin Professional Aliphatic Resin Wood Glue

ALCOLIN PROFESSIONAL is the industry standard for woodworking and is the choice adhesive for the Professional and DIY enthusiast. It is a new technology advanced aliphatic resin adhesive, specially developed for woodworking, offering many advantages over conventional PVAc adhesives such as superior creep resistance, heat resistance, solvent resistance, and wet tack. ALCOLIN PROFESSIONAL is commonly referred to as carpenters or yellow glue.

Features and Benefits

•     High creep resistance - excellent for stress joints such as those found in tables and chairs
•     Strong initial tack - holds small parts without the need for clamping
•     Tough glue line - excellent sand ability
•     Superior strength - final bond stronger than wood
•     Excellent heat resistance - use in areas subject to heat, ideal for manufacture of post form tops
•     Fast setting - reduced clamp time, increasing turnaround time
•     Chemical resistant - unaffected by most finishes
•     Versatile - bonds a variety of wood species and processed board composites
•     Low VOC - non-toxic, non-flammable (wet state) – 2.4g VOC/L
•     Water-based formulation - cleans up easily with water


•     Ideal for stress joints such as those found in tables and chairs
•     Wood turning, model building, restoration of antique furniture
•     Suitable for edge gluing, face gluing, laminating, finger jointing, doweling, veneering and paper foiling applications.


Excellent adhesion to soft woods (Pine, Meranti), medium woods (Beech, Oak), hard woods (imbuia, teak) and processed boards composites (hardboard, chipboard, supawood, high pressure laminates), leather, cloth, felt, paper, cardboard, cork and most other porous materials

Surface preparation

The surface must be clean, dry, free from all loose materials, dust, dirt, rust and any other contaminants. When working with woods that are oily or high in tannic acid, wipe the joints with acetone before gluing. Acetone clears the contaminants from the wood pores on the bonding surface and dries quickly without leaving any residue

Alcolin Professional is manufactured by Franklin International.

The bottle is fitted with an easy to applicator nozzle and the bottle shows the details and the instructions on how best to use this glue

Video link, showing the Alcolin Glue being used:

Video link, showing the Alcolin Glue being used:

Code Size Description Price
APG250 250ml Alcolin 250ml Professional Aliphatic Resin Wood Glue £4.35
APG25012 Pack of 12: 250ml Alcolin 250ml Professional Aliphatic Resin Wood Glue (Case of 12 bottles) £52.00




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