Get a beautiful and a durable wax finish with this unique lathe-mounted polishing system. Buffing passes are made with a Tripoli buff (linen wheel), white diamond buff (linen/ flannel wheel), then carnuba wax (flannel wheel). The final finish is very similar to multiple coats of lacquer but is softer and much deeper.

The system includes: A set of three 8" fabric buffing wheels, tripoli bar, white diamond bar, carnuba wax bar and 16" long No 2 MT heavy duty lathe mandrel which holds the buffing wheels. The wheels are 8" round.

The picture shows the buffing system fitted to the lathe. The tapered end (1) fits into the headstock as shown, the other end the bar which as a small hole where you can fit the tip of a revolving or a similar rotating centre in the tailstock (2)

The 3 Step Lathe Buffing & Polishing System comes complete with a set of instructions on how to use the system

We have the system on Special Offer at a discounted price of £53.95

Code Size Description Price
320140 ------ 3 Step Lathe Polishing System 2MT £53.95




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Dave, The sharpening system has just arrived and it is splendid! As a newcomer to woodturning it is going to be invaluable. Thank you very much for the free protractor - it is much appreciated and please be assured that I am very happy with this and previous orders and that Turners Toolbox will continue to be my first stop for all things woodturning. Many thanks
- John