Veritas Tapered Snug Plug Cutter & Flush Cutting Saw - PACKAGE DEAL

Package deal comprises the Veritas 1/2" Tapered Snug Plug Cutter and the Veritas Flush Cutting Saw.

Veritas 1/2" Tapered Snug Plug Cutter Sometimes when plugging holes, no matter how carefully drilled, the holes finish up slightly oversize for the plug, especially in soft woods. These cabinet maker's snug plug cutters overcome this by cutting a slightly tapered plug. The first 3mm of the plug is the diameter stated whilst the remaining length is then flared out at an angle of 3°. Just tap the plug into place until you meet resistance then cut off the excess. Also, unlike regular plug cutters which have two cutting flutes, these plug cutters have four, giving a much cleaner cut and a smooth-sided plug which fits perfectly every time and is practically invisible, for best results use in a drill press or power drill stand.

Veritas Flush Cutting Saw Traditionally used for the rapid trimming of plugs and dowels flush with a surface, these flush cutting saws can be used where you want to cut off a projection without damaging the surrounding or adjoining face. The Japanese tooth pattern blade cuts aggressively (on the pull stroke), but does not mark the surface that it is cutting next to. The thin blade is flexible and can be pressed flush to any surface, yet is rigid enough for good control. 290mm long with 120mm of blade, single edge 26tpi. These work like a charm.

Key Features

Veritas Tapered Snug Plug Cutter

•     Snug plug cutters cut a slightly tapered plug
•     1/2" Cutter
•     Flares out at 3° angle
•     Four cutting flutes

Veritas Flush Cutting Saws

•     Excellent for cutting projecting dowels or plugs
•     Single edged 26tpi with no set
•     Japanese style tooth pattern
•     Flexible blades cut on the pull stroke
•     Overall length 290mm(11.1/2") with 120mm(4.3/4") blade

Our special offer price for this package deal is £34.99 (was £38.39)

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