Special Offer for the Pen Turner

If you are unsure of what to buy the turner in your life for Christmas this year, read on and also check our website for further special offers leading up to Christmas

This special offer is catered for someone who is just starting out in the art of turning pens at the lathe and for the more experienced woodturner who just wants to upgrade to a superior pen turning kit. Everything you require to get yourself started in pen turning at the lathe

A more detailed guide / information on the each of the individual items shown in the picture can be found in our pen making section of the Tool Shop drop down menu

For Christmas 2012 our pen turning kit special offer consists of the professional pen maker kit consisting of the pen mandrel No 1 or No 2MT complete with spacers and cones for different sizes and types of pens and similar projects you like to turn, the pen blank trimming tool, a set of three long series drill bits, a pack of five twist top pen kits, all housed securely together is a strong sturdy plastic case which also contains instructions on how to use the professional pen making kit and its contents. We have also included an assorted pack of 5 of our best selling Acrylic Pen Turning Blanks

This Special Offer also includes Free of Charge a pot of our Cyanoacrylate Super Glue the ideal glue for holding your finished pens together

This special offer consists of the following:
• Professional pen making kit (Item Codes: PM1/K or PM2/K)
• Selection of five of our best selling Acrylic Pen Blanks (please note that the colours may be different from the ones shown in the picture below)
• Cyanoacrylate Super Glue – Free of Charge

Making this a special an ideal present not only for Christmas but for birthdays, anniversaries and many other occasions or something for yourself

Note: If you are unsure to what size Morse Tapper (MT) you require for your lathe or you are not sure what it is then either call our office (UK – 01873 831 589) or send me an email via the email link below, address it to Dave Martin and I will return your call or email with the answers you require.

Code Size Description Price
PTO/No1 No 1MT Special Offer for the Pen Turner £77.70
PTO/No2 No 2MT Special Offer for the Pen Turner £77.70




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Thanks for your detailed explanation on the use of the Sandmaster, I have added your website to my favourites list. A much better service than my local tool shop
- Paul Jones